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It's the Perfect Time to Become a Real Estate Agent

Mbition has helped more than 250,000 aspiring real estate agents start their journey to a new career. And most of those folks had a few questions before they got started, too.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent What Makes a Successful Real Estate Agent How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make

Our Teach-to-the-Test Approach Makes Launching Your Real Estate Career as Easy as 1, 2, 3.


Complete Your Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

In every state, the journey to become a real estate agent begins with a pre-licensing course from an accredited, approved real estate licensing school, like Mbition.

Depending on your state, requirements can range from 75 to 130 hours. Don't worry, Mbition’s courses focus on the key topics on your state and national exams.

Once you complete your course, we can help you schedule your state licensing real estate exam.


Pass Your State's Real Estate Exam

Good preparation is essential to pass your state’s real estate exam. Mbition Exam Prep programs feature study tools and practice tests designed around your state’s exam topics.

And when you're ready, Mbition can even help you schedule your exam with remote proctoring or in-person proctoring through PSI, America's leading testing organization.


Join a Brokerage and You're on Your Way

After passing the exam, submit your state application and you are ready to begin your new career! You'll need to join a brokerage to begin building your business.

Then, mark your calendar to keep track of post-licensing and continuing education requirements.

Mbition offers continuing education and professional development courses to help you grow and thrive with confidence.

Starting a career in Real Estate is a big decision. We get it.And we're willing to bet you have what it takes.

A People Person

If you love meeting and helping people, you'll love being a real estate agent. Real estate agents help individuals and families find their dream homes. This is incredibly satisfying and is often cited as the best part of the job.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you're entrepreneurial and self-motivated, you can soar in real estate. Real estate agents essentially run their own businesses. Enjoy the freedom to make your own business decisions and the flexibility to set your own schedule.

A Bit of This & That

If variety is the spice of life, real estate agents might be the spiciest! Marketing, networking, analyzing markets, learning trends, showing homes, negotiating sales, participating in community events-no two days are the same.

Connecting Your Community

Active in your community? You'll be right at home as a real estate agent. Knowing the perfect person for a home improvement project, or connecting buyers to businesses and people make real estate agents.

Ready to Take Control

As a real estate agent, you call the shots-set your own schedule, work from anywhere, and earn without limits. Whether you're looking to earn side-income, start a second career or build an empire, you control your future.

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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

Average annual U.S. real estate agent income, Indeed.com - March 2021

Real estate agents are commission-based professionals, which means earning potential is unlimited. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Earnings typically increase with the number of hours worked per week and the number of years in the profession.

Start Your Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course Today

Mbition Real Estate Has Everything You Need to Start and Thrive in Your Real Estate Career

Self-paced online courses for real estate pre-licensing, state and national exam prep, exam proctoring, post-licensing, continuing education, and professional development

Pre-Licensing Courses

Courses designed and taught by real-world experts that meet all state licensing requirements. Lessons designed to teach the key topics on your state exam.

Convenient Exam Prep

Get exam-ready fast with easy-to-use study tools and practice tests. Just like the courses, exam prep topics are built around your state's exam.

Remote Exam Proctoring

Easily schedule your state exam, which can be done at home through PSI's remote proctoring platform. The ultimate in flexibility and convenience!

Post-Licensing & Renewals

Get those first-year post-license courses knocked out with ease with our state-approved library of courses. Did you let your license lapse? Get back on track here!

Continuing Education

Whatever coursework you need to maintain your real estate license, we have you covered. Courses are certified and meet all state requirements.

License Upgrade & Professional Development

Advance your real estate career by getting your Broker's license. Or learn valuable new business skills with Professional Development courses.

Real Estate Courses & Exam Prep Built to Get You Ready Fast.

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